Google is about to roll out the active noise cancellation feature in India for its video conferencing app Meet. The Active Voice Cancellation feature for Google Meet has already been rolled out in Australia, Brazil, Japan, and New Zealand. Soon it can be rolled out for Indian users. The company has also clarified that this feature will not roll out in South Africa and the UAE. However, the company has not clarified why it will not roll out this feature in these countries.

Google last month rolled out the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) based Active Voice Cancellation feature for its video conferencing app Meet. The company had been working on this feature since last year. For this, the company has trained thousands of AI models.

How does it work?

This active noise cancellation feature of Google is a machine learning tool that recognizes the differences between noise and speech. After which this feature filters out the noises coming from the user’s device and sends it to the Google data center. After this, the voice is processed through the machine learning feature and only the speech reaches the receiver and the noise is removed. This process works so fast that the user does not even know and the voice is processed.

Data completely safe

Data sent by machine learning tools in Google data center is in encrypted form. Because of which there is no risk of user data leaking. After being processed during a Google Meet call, it reaches the receiver again in encrypted form and the user gets the voice of the noise filtering sender in better sound quality, which is absolutely clear. This feature of Google Meet can be rolled out in India by the end of this month for G Suite enterprise users

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