“Namah Yoga and Naturopathy Center” is another step towards nature therapy

The Center for the promotion of Yoga and Naturopathy in the region was inaugurated on Wednesday by the “Namah Yoga and Naturopathy Center”. The center was inaugurated by former president Namrata Pathak, former MLA Sharda Prasad Shukla, Divya Giri Maharaj of Mankameshwar Temple and Lakshmi Kant Mishra, who was decorated with Lakshmana Award, among others. This center is in Rahul Market, Saale Nagar Tiraha, Bangla Bazaar, Lucknow. ¬†How can Yoga and Naturopathy help us in the prevention and overall development of growing health problems in the present times? This center has been set up with the objective of making awareness of this subject and giving Yoga a special place in the lives of people. Yoga is a scientific method, it can increase brain power. Yoga and Naturopathy effectively affect the treatment of diseases like asthma. The history of medical tourism through Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy is years old. Yoga and Naturopathy help in achieving good health as well as enhance the quality of life. Many diseases that the modern age has given such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. are controlled and other diseases are also not there.

Naturopathy is a natural healing system in which diseases are cured without using medicines. It is an ancient and traditional science that integrates our physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Naturopathy has the ability to prevent many diseases and you can treat the problems that have happened. The main objective of Naturopathy treatment is to teach people the art of staying healthy by changing their routine. This not only cures your skin but also makes your body strong and shines on your face.

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