(Juhi Aishwary, Journalist)
New Delhi: Some technical initiatives of NASSCOM, an organization of information-technology (IT) industries, have helped in fighting corona in India and abroad. Technical support by NASSCOM in Wuhan, China has also been appreciated. Two start-ups were incubated at the NASSCOM Center of Excellence, an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and NASSCOM, which has been successful in preventing the spread of corona to a large extent.

Among these, Drone Maps is working with the Haryana and Punjab governments, while BlinkIn is providing services to Wuhan Hospital in China. Dr. Ajay Kumar Garg, Senior Director, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said that NASSCOM COE is happy to see the excellent work being done by incubated start-ups. They are working closely with the government to tackle the epidemic.

Drone Maps Covid-19 tracking has two parts. The first of these is the User Facing Public Dashboard, which has been created by collecting reliable information from official sources on a large scale. The second is an administrative dashboard, with more advanced features such as location tracking, geofencing, and productive analytics. At the same time, with the disease, it is also able to track the number of cases, positive cases, suspicious cases, hospital cases, etc. For example, all suspected cases are constantly monitored through social media or VLR (call records). Through this, it is ensured that the authorities are aware of the places where the patient is. Also, by identifying the mobile phone, it can be found out which people came in contact with the patient.

Furthermore, it can be ascertained which areas will require additional resources. Ajay Tomar, Secretary, IAS, ADL, DyTech, said that technology is playing a major role to defeat Corona. Drone Maps co-founder Utkarsh Singh said that at Drone Maps we specialize in drone-based mapping and AI analytics. He said that considering the capabilities of the solution by Drone Maps, Haryana’s Principal Secretary Dietech Ankur Gupta recommended him to the Health Department, Haryana. DyTech Principal Secretary Ankur Gupta said that startups were an important part of the economy, as most of them work on technology, which has an immediate impact on human life.

Blinkin’s remote technology played a big role in the battle with Corona in Wuhan. With its help, the Huoshan Fields Hospital in Wuhan was monitored. The hospital’s air handling unit was also monitored by this. Besides, an emergency field hospital was also constructed to provide treatment to a growing number of patients. As is known, the first cases of the corona were reported in Wuhan city of China. At the same time, the Chinese government decided to build a temporary field medical unit to help the victims. Harshvardhan Kumar, co-founder of BlinkIn, said that the BlinkIn Intelligent Visual Assistant company provided the tech support for the disaster. He said that with the help of this, air ventilation systems can be installed in two hospitals.  

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