(Pooja Pal, Intern Journalist): About 75% of the inner-city Indians surveyed positively view the position of the WHO in containing the expansion of the virus, though in attendance is a dip from the earlier survey.

A mass of frequent in 9 out of 13 countries felt that their regime was performing well regarding COVID-19.

An overwhelming 87% of inner-city Indians cover set from head to foot ratings to the Narendra Modi authority for its treatment of the COVID-19 crisis, according to an assessment by Ipsos. The international sell investigate firm, Ipsos conducted this review from April 23-26 by looking for responses from about 26,000 associates across 13 countries. A manhood of relations in 9 out of 13 countries felt that their administration was burden a reliable charge of containing the hang of COVID-19, it said.


“Government was quick-thinking to enforce an unreserved lockdown and took a figure of bold, defensive procedures to restrain the place of the coronavirus. Now, the administration is making an allowance for a cautious, half-done re-opening in the countrified zones. Government’s management of the COVID-19 Bubonic plague has been lauded by the manhood of the populace, polled in the survey,” thought Amit Adarkar, Ipsos India CEO.

After facing a lot of criticism globally on the management and seriousness of the pandemic, the part of the World Health Organization (WHO) has hinged favor with the major part of the world in 11 out of the 13 countries surveyed in containing the proliferation of COVID-19, but this opinion has unchastened since March in 9 out of 12 countries, Ipsos having tracked opinions.

About 75% of the inner-city Indians observed positively view the part of the WHO in containing the reach of the virus, nevertheless, there is a decline from the previous survey.

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