(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): New Delhi: The film actress Anushka Sharma has been accused of presenting a false image of Sanatan Dharma through the Paataal Lok web series and a complaint has been lodged by the BJP MLA-Nandkishore Gurjar from Loni and has been demanded action under Rasuka. Nandkishore Gurjar has accused the web series of using the photos, wrong images of Sanatan Dharma, and wrong portrayal of Indian agencies.

The Paataal Lok web series released on Amazon Prime is in controversy these days and the difficulties of this web series are increasing. BJP MLA-Nandkishore Gurjar from Loni has expressed angst for using his photos and other BJP leaders in the Patalalok web series by linking them to a leader with a criminal image. At the same time, the MLA has asked the producers of the series, Anushka Sharma, to register a case under Rasuka in Loni Kotwali, calling the series a misrepresentation of castes and Indian agencies of Sanatan Dharma.

The MLA, in Tahrir, wrote, “Bollywood actress and producer of web series Paataal Lok, aired on Amazon Prime, showed my photos and other BJP leaders while inaugurating a marg with a leader related to criminals named Balakrishna Vajpayee in the web series. I am currently a BJP MLA and my photograph has been used without my permission. Besides this, the depiction of the Gurjar caste is shown as involvement in dacoits and wrongdoings. Through mutual discrimination and caste-related words, mutual disharmony is being promoted in society by showing their low level of life. The religion, which also pits the ant and aspires for world welfare, is portrayed without any reason by linking the incident of mobilizing with the workers of the 1990 Ramjanmabhoomi as if the Hindu has become a demon rather than a Hindu since the time of the Ramjanmabhoomi movement. An attempt has also been made to tarnish the image of the BJP in the series.”

The MLA has further written, “In the web series fueled by foreign forces, our investigation agency has also hurt the campaign against India’s global terror against Pakistan by standing in the dock and calling Indian citizens as terrorists of Pakistan and Hizbul and the act of giving a clean chit to Pakistan’s investigating agency, there can be no greater treason. Web series regularly is doing such a thing. India has been demoted at the world level by producer Anushka Sharma by including me without permission in such a web series and by trying to fidget Sanatan Dharma through web series and free Pakistan from the terror of the terrorist country. After doing such anti-national acts, Anushka Sharma should be charged for immediately shutting down the web series.

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