Rishitha Jaladi(Intern Journalist): A minor girl was repeatedly raped illegally by three youngsters in Vishakapatnam. This incident came to light on July 5, when the 15-year-old survivor, who is now six months pregnant filed a complaint in the police station.

The girl was an IX class dropout and stayed along with her grandparents after her parent’s death six years ago. Recently, her grandparents observed a bump on her stomach and took her to the hospital suspecting it was some disease. But surprisingly, the Doctor stated that she was six months pregnant. When the girl was interrogated then she narrated the ordeal and even revealed the names of the trio.

Inspector of Yelamanchili police station, V Narayana Rao, said that the girl was raped repeatedly since January and the girl didn’t speak up as the three youngsters threatened to kill her if she discloses the truth. Inspector also mentioned that they have identified the accused and would arrest them shortly.

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