Mercedes has introduced the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in the Indian market in Europe. Here we are telling you how features have been given in this luxury car. The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series has been introduced with the new Magma Beam Paint and is also optioned with a Green Heel Magno body color. AMG GT introduced the Black Series with an optional customization package that is exclusive to the Black Series. First, there is an AMG track package with a titanium roll cage, 4 point seatbelt, and fire.

Mercedes AMG GT Black

Mercedes-AMG is also offering a memory package that is lighter memory seats, mirrors, and steering columns to reduce the overall weight of the GT Black Series and make it more agile. It is accompanied by a lane spot and lane keep assist with the blind-spot assist which runs with front and rear cameras and sensors. Other options are the Keyless Go package and the Anti Theft package. Apart from this, buyers have been given a premium Burmester Sound system, a touchpad, tinted windows, and large fuel 75-litre fuel tank. Apart from this, there is a garage door opener, in which you can open the garage door while sitting inside the car.
The list of optional accessories includes adaptive high beam assist, a tire kit, carbon fiber door sill, trickle charge, and pre safe system. The Advanced Safety System Supercar changes the setting of the car steaming any collision and tightens the seatbelt and closes the windows to reduce the risk of injuries.

Power and Specification: In terms of power and specification, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black has a 4.0-liter V8 engine that generates the power of 700 bhp and torque of 900 Nm. However, the Black Series also has updated chassis, brakes, and suspension to enhance performance and agility. In addition, the Black Series gets updated chassis, brakes, and suspension to enhance its performance and agility. The updated chassis also uses more carbon fiber, which reduces weight.

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