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• Prime Minister Narendra Modi today spoke of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ amid the outbreak of deadly corona virus in the country.
• This is the third time in the lockdown when PM Modi has spoken about the mind, know what the PM has said.

Mann Ki Baat: Amid the outbreak of deadly coronavirus in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today spoke of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. This is the third time in the lockdown when PM Modi spoke about Mann. PM Modi said that the coronavirus is less spread in India than the world. Now we have to be more careful. He said that there should be a rule of two yards, whether to put a mask on the mouth or to stay at home, we have to follow all the things. On the exodus of laborers, the PM said that the poor and laborers have suffered a lot in the lockdown.

A large part of the economy is now running – PM Modi
In his mind, PM Modi said, “Airplanes have started flying with all precautions. Slowly, Ughog has also started moving. That means a large part of the economy is now running. In such a situation, we need to be more vigilant. “He further said,” Due to the collective efforts of everyone in the country, the fight against Corona is being fought very strongly. When we look at the world, we realize how big the achievement of Indians really is. Our population is many times more than in most countries.

There are different types of challenges in our country. But still our country Corona is less spread than other countries. “
Service power of countrymen is our biggest strength- PM Modi

Modi said, “We all have grief for the loss that has been done.” But whatever we are able to save, it is definitely the result of the collective determination power of the country. Another strength with the determination power of the countrymen is our greatest strength in this fight and that is the service power of the countrymen. “

Modi said, “I have discussed many times about the service that our doctors, nursing staff, sweepers, policemen, media colleagues are all doing. I have also mentioned it in Mann Ki Baat. The number of people who have dedicated everything to the service is countless. “

Our sisters-daughters in villages and towns are making masks every day- Modi
Modi said, “Innumerable stories of the hard work of the Women’s Self Help Group are coming to us from all parts of the country these days. In the villages and towns, our sisters and daughters are making masks every day.

All social organizations are also supporting them in this work. “He said,” Another thing that touched my mind is innovation in this hour of crisis, from villages to cities, from small traders to start-ups. Till, our labs are inventing new ways, innovating in the fight against Corona. ”

The poor, laborers, working-class have suffered a big blow – Modi
Regarding laborers, PM Modi said, “There is no class in our country that is not in difficulty, not in trouble and if the biggest injury to this crisis is on someone, then it is our poor, laborers, working-class Lying on His suffering, his pain, his pain cannot be said in words.

“He said,” This is a long way to fight against Corona. A disaster that the whole world has no cure for, which has no prior experience. In such a situation, we are experiencing new challenges and problems. ”
Take part in the video blog of ‘My Life, My Yoga’ of Ministry of AYUSH
PM Modi said, “To increase yoga in your life, the Ministry of AYUSH has also done a unique experiment this time. The Ministry of AYUSH has started an international video blog competition called ‘My Life, My Yoga’.

Not only India, people from all over the world can take part in this competition. To participate in this, you have to make a three-minute video and upload it. In this video, you have to show doing yoga, or asana, while doing it and also tell about the changes that have come in your life with yoga. “

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