Suparna Ghosh (Intern Journalist) Palghar: A man was arrested after the local police sniffed foul smell coming from the plastic bag inside a pick-up van. Later on, it was discovered to be a woman’s dead body of 32 years old, which was dumped quite a few days ago.

After inquiries and investigation, the officials there said, that a woman visited a shop in Nalasopara area, in Palghar district to buy some essential day-to-day kitchen items, and gradually both the shopkeeper and the customer got engaged in a heated argument over prices.

The argument carried on for a while and the shopkeeper slit her throat straight, inside the shop. Shiv Choudhary, the shopkeeper has given his statement and also confessed of having sexual intimacy with the body, before packing it inside a plastic bag, the officials reported.

The culprit has been arrested on Thursday and along with brutal murder charges, rape charges at the same time would also be levied.

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