Movie poster made in Lucknow launches in London

Lollywood launches a poster in London

Yash Pal Movies Presentation Film Lollywood is a social message-rich film. The film Lollywood has been shot in Lucknow, where local artists from Lucknow have done work. The poster of the movie made in Lucknow has been launched in London. The film’s producer, director, and writer Sameer Rizvi. The story of the film is inspired by the clean campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this film, the director has tried to show that you will be able to keep your country clean when you keep your street and neighborhood clean. As if looking at the poster of the film, all the characters in the film have a broom in their hands and have gone on a clean drive. This film will be shot at various Ramanike sites of the country. The film’s producer, director, and writer Samir Rizvi said that we have recently launched a poster of the movie in London. This film is based on a cleanliness campaign. In many places in this movie, you will get to hear this tag line that ‘Start Cleanliness campaign. The songs of the movie are also dear to the Karna who will attract everyone. There are so many interesting moments in the film that the viewers will be thinking that nothing can be done by our small initiative.

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