The grasshopper team is constantly moving forward and is becoming a problem for the general public including farmers. These locust parties have created terror in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra via Rajasthan. Experts believe that this time their attack is already quick and this time their team is also much bigger than before. At the same time, experts also believe that this time due to the lockdown, every time measures were taken to stop them or to eliminate them. This is the reason that this time this problem has become bigger than before. Have entered. This time their size is also large. Their movement has also increased due to the complete containment due to lockdown. Due to these, alerts have been issued by Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Haryana.

Persistent problem

Their teeth are so sharp that they also destroy the strong tree in a short time. Flying from 15–20 km speed, these teams move mostly with the wind and their first prey is the standing crops in the fields. In a day this locust crew covers a distance of 150–200 km. A large group of these locusts can cause panic in people’s hearts. As much as this grasshopper party is harmful to crops, it is also dangerous for humans. This is the reason that in some other states including Rajasthan, people are advised to keep their doors and windows closed to avoid them. According to him, there could be up to one billion locusts in their big parties. Some other African countries, including the Horn of Africa, including Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, wreak havoc almost every year in Middle East countries and South Asian countries.

Pesticide spraying in addition to conventional methods

On the question of rescue from these locust groups, Dr. Arun said that farmers have been using traditional methods for a long time in India. These include playing the plate, smoking in the fields. However, the DJ’s loud voice is also being used in some places to drive them away. Behind these measures, they say that grasshopper teams feel the vibrations of the voice very quickly and fast. Because of this, they run away. They also say that they detect the vibrations of such loud sounds from far away and change their way. Apart from this, spraying of chlorpyrifos, hestabytamyl, and benzhexachloride is also done in the fields. According to him, these medicines are also used by the government and at the local level, farmers do it together. Companies make it in large numbers and these are available at common pesticide stores.
Eggs can be destroyed by filling the fields with water

However, they also believe that their team is very large, in such a situation, there is little benefit from spraying done at the local level. He said that these medicines are sprayed almost every year by the government. These drugs come in powder and liquid form which are helpful in protecting crops from locusts. According to him, the locust party lays eggs in a large number of empty fields. Therefore, it is important that the fields should be plowed deep and filled with water to avoid them. By doing this the eggs are destroyed. But spraying of medicine in standing crops can only be avoided.
This time the problem is more widespread

In Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh, crops are facing wastage due to locust attacks. Due to excess rainfall in South Africa, a large number of locusts breed. Apart from this, their breeding in Baluchistan, Pakistan, and Iran increased. This is why the problem is more widespread this time.

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