The Railways on Thursday said that it has fulfilled all the existing demand for Shramik Special trains to take migrant workers stranded in different parts of the country to their own state. Under this, the last train service was provided on 9 July. Railways have said that such a service will be provided again on demand. Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav said that a total of 4,615 laborers special trains were run from May 1. Through these, more than 63 lakh people were taken home during the lockdown enforced due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The railways said that after the thousands of workers stranded during the lockdown had to leave their respective homes on foot, operations of Shramik Special trains started from May 1 to take them to their native state. The Ministry of Railways has said that it gave a concession in the price of tickets for migrant workers. The Center agreed to pay 85 percent of the ticket price, while states were asked to pay 15 percent.

Railways will adopt contactless ticketing system

Railways are now moving towards adopting a contactless ticketing system. Like airports, railways will now have a ticket with QR code, which can be scanned with special equipment or mobile phone. Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav said that we have decided to give QR codes on tickets. If an online ticket is deducted, it will carry this code
The ticket will be linked to the QR code even if the ticket is taken from the counter. On taking the counter ticket, a message will be sent to the mobile phone of the person concerned, with a link. The QR code will appear when you touch that link. TTEs will scan the QR code from their hand tools or mobile phones at the station or on the train. This will give them complete details of the passengers. In this way, the ticket system will become completely contactless.

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