Many coronavirus patients feel better at first, but later their immune system starts to weaken and they become weaker. After this, their body reacts according to the virus. This is called cytokine stroke. Scientists doing research on corona are now trying to find out why and how this happens. It has seen a steady rise during the last few months.

It has also been seen in some people that where success has been achieved in reducing this effect, the chances of survival of the patient are also increased. That is to say, stopping the cytokine stroke is very effective for the corona patient. Nearly one recorded drug is being used to eliminate the coronavirus. In some, cleaning of the blood that occurs during the machining of dialysis has also been tested. Clinical trials of some drugs are also underway. These also include antiviral remdesvir.
Let me tell you that a certain amount of cytokines present in the blood are very effective for the immune system of our body. But if their quantity in the blood is high then they can prove fatal. Their fixed presence helps our immune system work better. Increasing these can cause infection in the body and other diseases surround the body. Even after immunotherapy, the number may increase. Talking about its symptoms, there is high fever, swelling, and cold on the body. Many times, due to this, many parts of the body can stop working, which causes the risk of life.
Recently, in a journal science immunity, based on some early data of a drug, it has been said that when the immune cells and the pathogen combine together, the molecule is formed which is called cytokines. They create more cells for the fight. Rheumatologist doctor Jose Secker (rheumatologist) of New York University Langon Health says that our body’s immune system itself inhibits reactions when the risk is reduced.

But sometimes this does not happen and it continues to react. Lungs stop working because of this frequent reaction. Apart from this, the kidney also damages the liver. Such things are seen in youngsters and children. In cases where the virus is mild, it moves to autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, in a similar situation. To treat patients of coronavirus, doctors are using estrogen and hydroxychloroquine in the medicines they are using. During some research, it has come to light that high level of IL’-6 causes a respiratory failure or death. At the same time, Actemra reduces this risk. According to a research paper published in Science Immun, the drug Calquence, used in the treatment of cancer, prevents or cuts off the sources of cytogenic.

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