(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist)

New Delhi: Lakhs of Indians have been stranded in other countries due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus. Most of them want to get out of there. However, due to the complete shutdown of air service, he couldn’t do so till now, but it will not happen now. For this, the roadmap prepared by the Government of India has not only prepared a blueprint for evacuating its citizens trapped abroad, but it has also been implemented. India has sent three ships to evacuate its citizens stranded in the Maldives and UAE due to the Kovid epidemic. The defense spokesman gave this information on Tuesday. The Indian Navy has been given the responsibility for this and this entire exercise has been named Operation Setu.

The Navy has started its operations under Operation Setu and its ships INS Jalash and INS Magar have reached the Maldives. Similarly, India has left the Navy ship Shardul for Dubai to evacuate its citizens stranded in Dubai. These three ships will first reach Kochi carrying Indians. Let us tell you that INS Magar and INS Shardul are naval command ships in the south region, and then INS Jalashwa is Eastern Naval Command Ship. About four and a half thousand people may come from the Gulf countries in the period from May 7 to 13 as part of the withdrawal. Two special flights can also fly directly from UAE to Kerala. Let us tell you that during the Gulf War, about one lakh 70 thousand people were brought back. The mission that India started during this time was the largest airlift mission in the world. Two lakh people have registered with the UAE alone, while the combined number of other Gulf countries is three lakh.

This will be a priority

Let us tell you that the government has started an exercise to bring the stranded Indians on a priority basis. According to the government, about two thousand people will return every day. Nationals coming home have to register first. After this, their priority will be decided. This priority includes the holder of tourist visas, those whose visas have been canceled, and those who have been deported, migrant laborers, whose short-term visa period is over, those with medical emergencies, students, pregnant women, and the elderly, those who have died in the house and trapped tourists. The most migrant laborers are those who come to India.

Air India also helped

Not only the Navy’s help has been taken to evacuate the Indians trapped abroad, but for this special flight of Air India will also be started. About 14800 people will be brought from 12 countries through them. These flights will run till 13 May. Its complete blueprint has been prepared. According to Aviation Minister Hardev Puri, these special flights will bring back the stranded Indians in the US, Kuwait, Philippines, Bangladesh, UK, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and UAE. He has told that 64 flights will be operated in a week to bring back the stranded Indians in different countries.  

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