One of the largest nations and democracies is the amalgamation of beautiful plots with its cultures and economies all the time. As the nation is growing, it is also the state. But the growth between them is not always the same, so we have ‘ejected him in the top 10’ which is currently the best.
It is difficult to define clearly that there are many aspects of seeing which state is ‘prosperous’ to the other. But intending to simplify this task, we have selected two primary divisors of prosperity. The first is GDP (gross domestic product) i.e. state’s annual income second its economic progress.

1. Maharashtra- Its capital Mumbai is called the Economic Capital of India. With its extensive information technology (IT) industries Maharashtra is at the top of the list. At the same time, there are many other industries besides information technology. The current annual income of Maharashtra is Rs 25.35 lakh crore and the state is constantly making economic progress.

2. Uttar Pradesh (UP) – Out of the highest statistics in India, a U.P. At present, Rs 14.46 lakh crore is GDP (annual income). This is the most populous state and therefore there are more handfuls of work in it, which makes it one of the most widespread developing states.

3. Tamilnadu- Star jewelry of South India Tamilnadu is known for its historical temples and wonderful cuisine. It is one of the most advanced and literate states, calling it ‘model state’. 13.39 lakh crores are the current GDP.

4. Karnataka – South India is one of the easily developed parts of the country. Therefore its next place was filled by Karnataka, whose GDP is 12.80 lakh crores. The primary center of Karnataka is Bangalore or Bengaluru, one of the fastest developing countries in the country, where a large IT Is an industry.

5. Gujarat- It is considered as a holy state and the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. It is one of the most influential and highly revered states in the country. Its current GDP is 12.75 lakh crores rupees. Gujarat is considered a friendly state for trade.

6. West Bengal – As the Indian Renaissance and the country’s capital, West Bengal is the sixth richest state in the country in 2019, whose GDP is 9.20 lakh crores. There is a huge increase in the quality of infrastructure in Kolkata and its surrounding areas at present.

7. Rajasthan- Land of beautiful desert Rajasthan is currently included in the GDP of Rs 7.50 lakh crore. The main means of its economic income are tourism. Jaipur, one of the primary cities of Rajasthan, is also one of the most populous states in the country.

8. Telangana- One of the recently constituted states, Telangana succeeded in separating from Andhra Pradesh and achieved its distinct identity. Being one of the fastest-growing industrial centers, Telangana With the GDP of 7.50 lakh crores, it is allowed to enter the list.

9. Kerala – This state is placed ninth in this year with its growing fishing and agricultural economy on the tropical coast of Malabar. The current GDP of Kerala is 7.48 lakh crores.

10. Madhya Pradesh (MP) – Madhya Pradesh is known as the heart of India due to the central place within the country. At present, the GDP of Madhya Pradesh is 7.35 lakh crores. Madhya Pradesh is gradually developing as a milestone, which increases its GDP during the yearly progress.

I hope, now you know something about the top 10 states. Which is taking India to an unprecedented and international economic level? And seeing it turn into a global superpower.

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