A group of 85 Indians stranded in the US have started a campaign to return to their homeland. These people have urged the Indian government to allow them to travel with minor children of US citizenship. In fact, in the wake of the Corona epidemic, some Indian OCI cardholders are barred from visiting non-Indian citizens, except for Category.

OCI card is issued to people of Indian origin. This allows them to travel without a visa in most cases. OCI cardholders have the same rights as Indian citizens, but they can neither buy agricultural land nor participate in voting or elections in India.

Expressed a desire to return to India

The group expressed its desire to return to India in a letter to the Foreign Ministry, the Indian Embassy and India’s diplomatic missions in the US on Saturday. Also urged authorities to allow their minor children to travel with US citizenship

Get in touch with each other through social media

The people involved in the group came in contact with each other through social media. All of these children are born in America, due to which he is a US citizen. Although they do not have an OCI card. The parents of these minor children wrote that we humbly request the Government of India to allow travel to those minors who hold valid Indian visas.

Minor children cannot return except in the US

These people also wrote in the letter that like us, other Indian Vandas are returning to their homeland due to the mission of India. We also have valid reasons for returning to India, but we cannot return except minor children to America. The letter is signed by 85 people, but it is believed that about 250 people want to return to their homeland.

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