(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Top-sources of the government that despite the tension with China, the road and other construction work in the border area will continue. Actually, China is upset with the construction work on the border in Ladakh, it does not want India to do any construction work in that area.

New Delhi: Amidst the ongoing tension on the China border, the government has made it clear that the road and other construction work will not stop at the border. Top sources of the government told the News channel that even though China is upset with the infrastructure-development in the border area, India will not stop this work.

According to sources, the recent dispute on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh is due to the network of roads and other basic facilities in the border areas. China does not want all these things to be done in the jurisdiction of India. But even though there is tension on the border for this, now this construction work will continue.

Let me tell you that the 80 tents that China has sat in the Galvan valley are actually due to the road of strategic importance that goes from Durbuk (Durbuk) of Ladakh to DBO (Daulat Beg Oldi) via Shyok. This is a 255 km long ‘DSDBO’ road which was inaugurated by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in October last year.

At that time ‘Colonel Chewang Rinchen Setu’ was prepared on this road on the Shyok River, due to which the road work was completed. This DSDBO road passes close to the Galvan Valley.

With the construction of this DSDBO road, one of the DBOs and Karakoram Pass is connected to Leh, the administrative headquarters of Ladakh, where the Army’s 14th Corps (Fire and Fury Corps) is headquartered. At the same time, the Indian Army has completed the work of bunker, barrack, and Defense-fortification here.

China, in its mouthpiece, Global Times, has specifically mentioned the Defense-facility close to the Galvan Valley.
Let us tell you that Colonel Chewang Rinchen is known as the ‘Lion of Ladakh’ who was awarded the Army Medal for bravery against China in the ’62 war. He was also awarded the Mahavir Chakra in the war of 1948 and again in 1965 (two-time Mahavir Chakra winner – second-highest medal of valor).

Apart from this, the Indian Army is also constructing a road in the finger area, on which China has objections. At the same time, the road from Dharchula of Pithoragarh to Lipulekh in Nepal and the Tri-Junction of China has become gritty in the eyes of China. Because both these roads (Lipulekh and DBO) were believed that they would not be built.

The Lipulekh road goes up to a height of 17 thousand feet and the DBO is also an extremely inaccessible area. There are many rivers and rivulets here which flow during the rainy days. The DBO area has an adverse climate and very low oxygen area, due to which working here was a big challenge.

But here it is worth noting that while China is eyeing India’s construction work, China has built a four-lane highway in its area. The Western-Highway of China passes through Aksai-Chin, very close to the Galvani Valley.
Meanwhile, news has come that a post from China’s micro-blogging site, Vibo (like Twitter) is going viral alleging that the Indian Army is in actual control of the China border several hundred meters inside the Finger area near Pangong Tso Lake. Has entered the line. Due to this, Chinese soldiers are unable to do their garrison-duets and are patrolling.

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