(Juhi Aishwary, Journalist): Coronavirus cases in India have been increasing very rapidly for some time. Alam is that in the last 72 hours more than 15 thousand cases have been reported. The fourth phase of the lockdown seems to be extremely dangerous in this sense. Let me tell you that in the three stages before now, the speed of corona infected has increased many times faster. A big reason for this can also be our own negligence. It is possible that we are giving a chance for this virus to flourish and grow by using irresponsibility given by the government. So it is important to once again think about what is right and what is wrong.

In the last few days, the rapid picture of the crowd of migrant laborers, where it has been seen there, can also be a reason for this. However, there is no doubt that these people had to suffer the most in lockdown. But now that the government is constantly loosening lockdowns and opening industries, all of us need to be brought back by explaining them so that they can go back to their work and the wheel of economy which revolves on its own Possible

Let us also tell you here that the head of the country’s renowned hospital AIIMS has already predicted that the number of corona infections can increase in the coming days. At present, the apprehension of this speed is seen to be true. If no effective measures are taken immediately, then India which is at number 11 in the list of Corona affected countries can first go to 10th and then even above. 

Statistics from the Ministry of Health indicate that the number of corona infections in the country has reached 1,12,359 at this time. There have been 5609 new cases in India in the last 24 hours. A record of 5611 cases was received on Wednesday and over 5300 new cases on Tuesday. There are a total of 63,624 active cases of coronavirus in the country and 3435 people have died so far. The Indian Council of Medical Research has reported that 1,03,532 samples have been examined for a total of 24 hours. So far, 26, 15,920 samples have been tested in the country. If you look at the number of corona infects state-wise, the situation is similar.

Maharashtra: A total of 39297 positive cases of Covid-19 have been found here. So far 1390 people have lost their lives and 10318 people have been completely healthy.

Delhi: There have been 11088 cases of corona in the country’s capital so far and 176 people have died, while 5192 people have also recovered completely.

Gujarat: There have been 12537 cases of corona here and 749 people have died. So far, 5219 patients have been cured.

Madhya Pradesh: The number of corona cases has increased to 5735 and 267 patients have also died. In addition, 2733 people have been cured.

Tamil Nadu: There have been 13191 corona cases of coronavirus so far and 87 patients have died due to this, while 5882 patients have fully recovered.

Andhra Pradesh: So far 2602 cases of coronavirus have been reported and 53 have died. Apart from this, 1640 are also cured.

Bihar: Coronavirus 1674 cases have been registered here and 10 people have also died. Here 571 people infected with this have also been cured.

Uttar Pradesh: There have been 5175 cases so far and 127 have also died. Apart from this, 3066 people have also become healthy.

Rajasthan: 6015 cases have been reported here and 147 people have died. In addition, 3404 people have recovered.

West Bengal: So far, 3103 infected cases have been reported here and 1136 have died. 253 people have also recovered here.

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