(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) The FMCSI(Federation of Motor Sports Club of India) is expecting September to start the motorsport in India. As the government has to ban sporting so it’s waiting to lift the ban

The FMCSI who is responsible for governance and promotion of Motorsport in India has tweeted to resume racing in India soon. The discussion comes in light when FMCSI President J. Prithviraj stated that motorsport in India will be stopped until January 2021 because of the Covid-19 situation of the country.

But later Vicky Chandhok (MMSC Vice President and Asia Pacific Rally Championship President) confirmed on his social media platform that the official declaration was not yet taken. The governing body has sent a tweet stating it is commited to kick off the 2020 motorsport seson in the countryy as soon as possible and targeting to start in September.

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