(Kajal Singh, intern journalist):
Lucknow:Under the Basantkuj Yojna located on Hardoi Road in the Western Assembly constituency of Lucknow, dozens of villages and wards in Balaganj are making daily food by hand to hundreds of needy people in the area. This youth team led by Ashok Rawat has been delivering food to the needy 225 people daily in all the villages and colonies of the area since the early days of lockdown. And making them aware of the global epidemic of corona infection, appealing to all of them to stay home.

As usual, on Friday, free food was d

young people are distributing food to the needy
     young people are       distributing food to the       needy

elivered to 225 people in need, visiting villages like Piranagar, Hayatnagar, Mansoor Nagar, Baravan Khurd etc. BJP activist Ashok Rawat, the runner up, says Municipal Councillor candidate Balaganj. That he and about a dozen of his companions have been delivering food daily to the needy poor hundreds of people in the area since the early days of the lockdown.

All the companions together prepare the meal by changing the food day by day. And also transport it to the homes of the needy in the area. Ashok Rawat’s village Baravan Khurd, as well as other villages in the region, did not starve, did not sleep, all have been running this campaign for many days after getting inspiration from the honourable Chief Minister. And with a fixed time it is All work is being done daily. In this work, Sumit, Ram Sanjeev Rawat, Neeraj, Vinod, Sanjay, etc. have been supporting them with equal support. Ashok Rawat, considering Kaushal Kishore MP as his inspiration, also says that we all have this vow too. As long as there is a lockdown, similarly we will continue to provide free food to the needy people of all partner areas.

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