(Anjali Shreya, Intern Journalist) Patna: Madhubani paintings made on masks are gaining much popularity even during this corona period. The artists of Madhubani painting are contributing towards a self-reliant India. On Sunday, PM Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat praised Madhubani painting made on the mask and its increasing use. Even in this difficult situation, artists found employment for themselves.

Artists are very proud of the appreciation of Madhubani painting in PM’s Mann Ki Baat. State immigrant couple Remant Kumar Mishra and Usha Mishra, who painted Madhubani for the first time on the mask, say that they never thought that one of their small initiatives would get the Prime Minister’s appreciation. The couple says that more than a thousand artists are currently engaged in this business. Those who make 30 to 40 masks daily also protect the society from corona, and also live their livelihood. The demand for painting masks is coming from every corner of the country. To date, more than 15 thousand masks have been sent in place.
Padma Shri Godavari Dutt expressed happiness
On the mention of Madhubani painting in the mind of Prime Minister Modi, Madhubani Dutt and Padmashree Godavari Dutt said that he is very happy with the praise of Prime Minister Modi’s Madhubani painting mask. Said that- ‘I believe that in the hour of this crisis, women who are making masks with Madhubani paintings will benefit the common people greatly in this disaster. Our art is reaching the common people through masks and people are also liking this art. This is a very good thing. It is a matter of great pleasure that the Prime Minister has appreciated the art. This will make this art even more famous. In the hour of this Corona crisis that came upon the country, we will do whatever we can with our art. Although I am not making this mask, many of the women and girls I have taught are making it. Thanks to the Prime Minister, who has appreciated Madhubani painting.

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