( Kajal Singh, intern journalist):
Guna: The laborer couple was quarantined in the school toilet on Sunday in Devipura, the primary school of Todara Gram Panchayat in Raghagarh district of Madhya Pradesh’s Guna district. Not only that, but they were also given food there too. The couple has been shifted to the school building when the matter comes to light.

S. of Guna Vishwanath told that the picture of the laborer living in the toilet in Todara village has come, in fact, that laborer had reached the toilet due to alcohol. His wife served food in the toilet. This matter has come up in the investigation.

Raghunath district CEO Jitendra Singh Dhakre said that the worker had not been quarantined in the toilet. However, orders for investigation have been given. If the officer and others are found guilty then action will be taken against him. However, sources have confirmed that the couple was quarantined by officers in the toilet. After the matter came to light, he was taken to the school building.

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