(Kajal Singh intern journalist): ICMR has revised its advisory and told that those taking this medicine should not think that they are completely safe. However, investigation has found that this reduces the rate of infection.

The central government issued a revised advisory on Friday to the non-corona hospitals working as non-symptomatic healthcare personnel, personnel on surveillance duty in the containment zone, and paramilitary force/police personnel involved in activities related to the prevention of coronavirus infection.

It is recommended to use hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).
No complete protection from medication
According to the advisory released earlier, this drug was also recommended to be used against infection in all untreated healthcare workers and those in contact with infected people in homes with no symptoms involved in preventing and treating COVID-19.

However, the revised advisory issued by ICMR warns that the person taking the medicine should not think that he has become completely safe.
This medicine is not for heart patients, children, and pregnant women.
According to the new advisory, the HCV test at NIV Pune found that it reduces the rate of infection.

It states that this medicine should not be given to those who suffer from a retinal-related disease, vision sensitivity, high sensitivity to HCQ, and those who are prone to heart disease.

It has been said in the advisory that it is recommended not to give this medicine to children below 15 years of age and pregnant and lactating women. It says that this medicine should be given under the supervision of a doctor with formal consent.
India exported huge quantities of HCQ to several countries including the USA, Germany last month, for which US President Donald Trump thanked PM Narendra Modi.

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