(Riya Singh, Intern Journalist): Veda Krishnamurthy said that her competitive temperament always goes against her which puts a nail in her coffin, but on the other days when she plays well she can put the nail in the opposite’s coffin. “But I like to stick to my natural game. Sometimes because of me, things have gone wrong for the team, but that’s cricket. I am the nail in the coffin, either for my team or the other team, depends on how that day turns out,” she said.

Krishnamurthy has been a cog in the Indian middle-order since making her debut in 2011, but after strings of single-digit scores, she has also sometimes found herself out of the unit. As recently as earlier this year in the T20I World Cup, she scored an 11-ball 20 vs. Bangladesh, later referred to as the turning point of the match by skipper Harmanpreet Kaur as the team broke their jinx against their sub-continental neighbors.

She said, “The biggest mistake was that I thought I was bigger than the game. It was only in 2014/15 when I realized cricket is bigger than anyone. This is true for life as well. You need to have gratitude, appreciation for what you have.”

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