(Riya Singh, Intern Journalist): China’s Huawei has strict conditions for Britain to continue to participate in the construction of 5 G mobile networks, UK Minister of Health said on Saturday following a report that the firm will be barred from the program.

Authorities are preparing plans to avoid deploying hardware from Huawei Technologies in as little as six months. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who allowed Huawei to play a small part in Britain’s 5 G network in January, faced heavy criticism from the U.S. and some Uk politicians to ban wireless equipment vendors on security grounds.

He toughened his stance on Huawei on Tuesday, urging China about “hostile state vendors” to defend vital infrastructure. Ministers have also cited U.S. restrictions as likely to affect Huawei ‘s competitiveness as a 5 G operator. The National Information Security Center had updated its Huawei guidelines because the sanctions would require the business to use untrusted technologies.

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