(Kajal Singh, journalist): Father is such a personality, who holds the finger of the child, teaches the difference between good and evil. If we face any crisis, they become our shield and stand in front of them. A father who always struggled for his child’s wish, by compromising his resources and his own needs, has an important role in the life of children.
In such a way children never emerge from the debt of father, but father’s Day is dedicated to them on the third Sunday of June to express their gratitude and respect to them. The father also gets delighted after seeing the happiness of the children. Every father’s wish, his name should be known as progeny.

Happy Father’s Day
Happy Father’s Day

For every child, their parents are most special. Usually, mothers are much closer to their children than fathers. This is also because the father spends most of the time outside because of his work. But it doesn’t mean that he loves children less.
Children also get busy in their jobs when they are grown up and are unable to give much time to their parents. That’s why such a special day has come to everyone, which all can celebrate together happily. On the occasion of father’s day, every child can make their father feel how special he is to them.

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