Germany’s state Baden Württemberg has banned the wearing of girls’ burqas and masks in schools. Now they will not have to wear school in burqas and masks, in this state there is already such a law for school teachers, teachers used to teach in schools without burqas and masks, now even girls will not have to wear them.

Germany’s neighboring countries France, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Austria have a complete ban on the burqa, but in Germany, it is seen as a democratic right. According to a survey conducted in 2019, 54 percent of the people in the country are in favor of banning the burqa and masks.

In Germany, there has been a long debate in schools over face and head covering. A recent case has surfaced in the Baden Württemberg state of West Germany where the state government has banned it in schools. In February, a Hamburg court ruled a similar law was illegal in the city, this time Winfried Krechmann of the Baden Württemberg chief minister’s Green Party said that this is rarely seen in his state, but whatever the case may be. Are, it was necessary to control them legally.
The head of the government said that Germany is an independent society and hiding the face is not part of it at the moment, the ban is currently imposed only in schools, not colleges or universities. Kirchman said that banning adults like this is complicated.

After the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, the debate over mouth and beheading in European countries including Germany intensified. Opponents of burqa and niqab describe it as an oppressor of women and have been saying that forcing girls to cover their faces at a young age is against their rights.

Some leaders of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party have been demanding such a ban across the country, but so far no such law has been enacted as many believe that this will bring the Muslims of the country to the margins. They say that women who use burqas and masks will be locked in their homes and more oppressed if the ban is imposed.
A few months ago a case in Hamburg came to light where a school forbade a girl from wearing a burqa. He appealed against this in the court and the court rejected the school order as false. The court said that this is possible only when the state government enacts a law regarding schools. After this, the debate on the law of the banning of Burke was sparked in Hamburg.

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