(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) The advertisement of Vanmoof e-bike based in the cycling motherland of the Netherland, was banned for a very contradictory reason.

The advert simplifies that in our city and world, during the climate crisis, cars are not the solution. Instead, Vanmoof wants its customer to ride their E-bikes.

Affirmative bans the advert by the French advertising watchdog APRF for showing fear of climate. The ARPF also said that the advert shows a bad image of the car’s industry.

Vanmoof's edgy E-bike
Vanmoof’s edgy E-bike

The issue lies neither in the car or car industry, so the issue is one’s own choice we make for our transport. Bikes are for many years, and their benefits over cars are also known to everyone which is healthier, environment-friendly, easy to park, and faster compared to driving.

The ad that deliver is a wake-up call. The truth of the world right now is heartbreaking, and so we can try to fix it. But ARPF banning the Vanmoof’s advert helps people to ignore or deny the worst issue of today.

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