Saloni Subha ( Intern Journalist ) Natives have found a very inovative way to enjoy beer by converting it into bread using the frothy drink and savoring these ‘beer breads’ with delight. A gurgaon based Baker, calls beer bread a “notch above the regular breads”.

Another woman who runs a bakery business days that “Beer as a rising agent has been used in baking since ancient times. If it is used well, it can create great looking tasting and fluffy dishes “. A corporate professional says that “One of the best things about this recipe is that it takes only five minutes.

Another Baker who has been conducting online classes for home baking, says that it is quite a bit at the moment. It’s a trend and even I shared it’s recipe with my students . This one is super easy, he says while sharing the process,”Mix flour, beer, baking powder, and sugar. Put it in a pan, pour butter on top, and bake it”. Another Baker from Gurgaon, feels that it’s recipe allows one to make quick bread, even without yeast.

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