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Beijing / Seoul: The second round of Corona may begin in Wuhan, China. After 6 new cases came here in a single day, the government media has expressed its apprehension. Officials have also said that now all citizens of Wuhan will be subjected to a corona test. Wuhan has a population of 11 million. Wuhan has been the center of the corona. There was lockdown for two months. Meanwhile, there have been 16 new cases across China. Symptoms have not been seen in 15 of these cases.

wuhan coronavirus
wuhan coronavirus

Martial law enforced in Shulan

Media reports said that officials in Jilin and Hubei provinces are preparing to strictly follow the lockdown to prevent infection. There have been 15 sudden cases in Shulan city of Jilin province. After this martial law has been imposed here.

Shulan declared high risk zone

Shulan is a city bordering Russia. It has been declared a high risk zone. A 45-year-old woman is feared to have spread the infection here.

The Korea: 108 people infected in nightclub, 2000 searched

In South Korea, the risk of infection from night clubs, bars, pubs is increasing. Authorities have investigated 7000 people who went to nightclubs in the capital Seoul. 108 of these people were found infected.

Fears of corona outbreak from night club

Officials have said that most of these people may be third gender. These people are afraid of coming in front of the society. A 29-year-old man returned from a nightclub last week was found corona infected. Its contact was investigated as it went to three nightclubs on the same day.

This person is associated with Corona Chain and 2000 people are being searched. So far 10,936 cases have been reported in the country. While there have been 258 deaths.

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