Farmer Sunil Kumar of Muzaffarpur in Bihar does not have any export license. But his 750 kg litchi reached London. Similarly, another farmer’s 5-ton litchi is going to Germany. Further, efforts are on to sell the products of many farmers in the foreign market. The exercise is being done through the Common Service Center (CSC) of the IT ministry. In this whole exercise, farmers do not have to go out of the village to sell their produce. The entire price comes to the account of the farmer as soon as the goods are sold.
What is the process

Farmers have to register themselves on CSC’s e-mart portal. During registration, the farmers have to tell what their product is, what is its size and at what price they want to sell it. On the portal, farmers have to provide information about their land and other proof of being a farmer. It is necessary to have a bank account. Registration will be done even if there is no PAN card. Village level entrepreneurs (VLEs) help farmers in the work of registration. This information is shared with traders and Agri exporters after giving complete information about the finished products for sale by the farmers.

CSC CEO Dinesh Tyagi said that on the E-mart platform, there are also traders and Agri exporters, but they are shown only the farmer’s product and then they did. Traders and exporters do not know what price the farmer is seeking. Tyagi said that this is the reason why Dattatreya Budbade, a tomato farmer in Pune, wanted to sell his tomato at Rs 10 a kg and got a price of Rs 10.50 per kg.
Half price comes to the account as soon as bidding

Traders and exporters have to deposit half the price in the account linked to CSC as soon as the product is bid. The trader then sends his employee to the spot for physical verification of the goods. The traders have to pay in full as soon as the goods are up and the price is paid to the farmer in the given account. In this whole process, to keep the brokers away, the proof of their being farmers is sought from the farmers.
E-Mart has been launched on CSC last month. CSC gives a fixed commission to VLEs who help farmers in registration. During the last one month, the short term agricultural products were sold the most on the E-mart platform.

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