Studies are continuing worldwide on whether or not to use the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to stop Covid-19, but so far scientists have not been able to make any consensus about its use. Here, the world’s largest research is going on in Vadodara, Gujarat, about this medicine, in which it is being studied how helpful is the use of hydroxychloroquine in stopping Covid-19. In this study, HCQ has shown significant signs of preventing corona.

Vadodara Health Department has prepared an analytical report in this regard. This study has shown very encouraging results. In fact, the Vadodara administration is running the world’s biggest campaign regarding HCQ. Under this campaign, HCQ supplements are being given to relatives of Corona infected patients since April.

As of Wednesday, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation has given HCQ supplements to 3.42 lakh people. They also include health workers and front light staff. All of these have been or will be given the full course of HCQ. During the entire course, 400 mg of the drug is given twice a day in the first dose. After this, 400 mg of medicine is given every week. This dose is given for at least three weeks. The Vadodara administration analyzed about one lakh people. These were people who were given HCQ supplements due to close contact with a corona-infected person.
According to the Vadodara administration, of the 48,873 people who came in close contact with corona-infected patients, who had taken a single dose of HCQ, only 102 people suffered corona and 12 died. Corona, on the other hand, came in close contact with the infected and only 17 of the 17,776 people taking two doses had corona. Only one of them died. In addition, out of 33,563 people taking three doses of HCQ, only 43 were found positive and one died. The Vadodara administration says that the analysis is currently underway and the entire analysis will be assessed according to the ICMR guidelines.

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