(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist): No decision has been taken to increase the electricity rate in the tariff of 2020-21, giving great relief to the electricity consumers. State Electricity Consumers Council President Awadhesh Kumar Verma said that consumers are leaving about Rs 13,337 crore earlier on electricity companies. When the consumers do not get the benefit of this, till then the carrying cast i.e. 13 to 14 percent interest will be added. According to the council president, if the benefit of this amount will be given to the consumers, then there will be no increase in electricity rates for the next five years. Thus, again in 2020-21, the electricity companies are leaving more than Rs 800 crores. The benefit of this amount will be given to consumers.

In the tariff order, the commission has rejected the Rs 4500 crore gap of the power companies. The council has also raised the demand for its benefits to consumers. The Commission has approved only Rs 65,175 crore in place of the total filing annual revenue requirement (ARR) of 70,792 crores for 2020-21.

While rejecting 17.90% distribution losses, 11.54 percent have been approved. The transmission tariff proposed by the Power Transmission Company at 34 paise per unit has been approved by the Commission for only 23 paise per unit.

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