Akshi Kamboj (intern journalist) While the outbreak of coronavirus has caused the economy to take steep fall with falling by 3.1% in Q4, NITI Aayog’s VC Rajiv Kumar said in a press conference that it may rise by 6% in the next fiscal year. He also added that the evidence of such rise can already be seen in the economy as 15-16 sectors have already attained their pre-covid levels.

NITI Aayog's VC Rajiv Kumar
NITI Aayog’s VC Rajiv Kumar

“Economy will start to recover from the fourth quarter and could grow by 6% next fiscal on a low base.”

Kumar said in a Twitter Live session on Friday, hoping that Covid will begin to taper in coming months.

Steps to be taken to ensure this rise:

  1. The government may look at the stimulus again to revive investment and boost demand
  2. need to design and implement necessary structural reforms
  3. global collaboration to redesign global institutions and regulations
  4. collaboration on technological front

“The foundation for all of this will be built in AatmaNirbhar Bharat which will result in a very different engagement of Indian with the rest of the world.”

Rajiv Kumar concluded.

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