Lucknow: Drunk doctor KGMU went to the hospital ward the junior doctor suspended by radiotherapy is not failing to respect. The accused doctor in case of sexual abuse is forbidden to enter the campus. Nevertheless, he ran back into the hospital ward and got into trouble.

There is a radiation oncology department on the ground floor of the Shatabdi-Phase two of the KGMU.

An older resident here was accused of sexually abusing a Timardar woman after drinking alcohol. In this situation, even senior doctors blamed the resident for the accident. Therefore, the KGMU administration has suspended it. Shelters and shelters on campus have been banned.

On the night of September 21, he returned to the radiotherapy room. According to the staff, the doctor was drunk. In such a situation, the junior resident in-service opposed his entry. He also mentioned the rules. In such a situation, he created a riot in the room by saying he was a senior resident. The older resident was also accompanied by a ward boy. In this case, a complaint was presented to the Proctor.

The Proctor KGMU, Prof. RAS Kushwaha, stated that the resident doctor is suspended in the case of sexual abuse. Entry is prohibited. But he arrived in the room in a drunken state at night. A complaint was received in the case. Strict measures will be taken against the doctor and the ward boy.

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