Hemorrhagic Dengue: Dengue is a deadly disease caused by mosquito bites. A person infected with dengue has a very high fever, even it turns out to be fatal. Dengue disease is caused by a mosquito bite called Aedes, which occurs when a virus called dengue flows into the blood. Dengue sometimes becomes so dangerous that due to this, bleeding also starts and a high fever also occurs. For this reason, dengue is called Rectoremic fever. Its other name is Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever i.e. DHS.

Symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever
In hemorrhagic dengue, the skin of the body becomes pale and cold. Blood starts coming from the nose, teeth, mouth and gums. The lungs and stomach are filled with water, which causes unbearable pain in the stomach. The number of platelets in the blood also decreases significantly, leading to a feeling of too much weakness. There is also difficulty in breathing and there is also a sore throat. Sometimes, blood vomiting also starts. Wounds and rashes occur on the skin. You will also get symptoms like jitter and restlessness. Along with this, blood pressure also decreases. Along with the symptoms of dengue, it also shows some different symptoms.

Important Instructions for Dengue Hemorrhagic Patients

North Delhi Hospital Superintendent Dr. Jai Prakash says that in such cases, most of the instructions are given to patients to consult doctors as soon as possible. The patient should be handled every hour and should also be given some fluids or ORs. At this time, IV therapy can also be effective for patients. Giloy can be consumed as well to take care of your food and drink to fill the deficiency of platelets in the blood. If the case has become too much, then dextran or plasma should be given to improve the patient’s condition. If hematocrit declines> 20%, then fresh blood should be given.

Disparin or aspirin should not be given in fever. At this time, patients should not put a tube in their stomach. Steroids should not be given in any condition and blood should not be offered unless needed. Glucose can be added when needed.

Dr. Prakash also states that dengue haemorrhagic or dengue haemorrhagic fever is similar to normal dengue fever, but in dengue haemorrhagic fever, blood starts coming from many parts of the patient’s body, which makes him very nervous, and hence This problem looks very serious. Special care should be taken of the patient at this time and it should not be bitten again by mosquitoes, care should also be taken otherwise this slight negligence may also affect the life of the patient.

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