Saloni Subha ( Intern Journalist ) The daily death from coronavirus has touched the 1000 mark for the third time in the last ten days. The country recorded 1,103 new deaths on Tuesday, highlighting the recent rise in the number of daily deaths in the country.

The daily deaths in the country have crossed the 1,000 marks four times before Tuesday, 2004 deaths were registered on June 16, 1130 deaths registered on July 22, 1018 deaths on August 9, 1010 deaths on August 13. The total case in the country has reached 2,784,692 on Wednesday. Among these 53,143 people have died while 2,050,642 patients have recovered.

However, India’s case fatality rate (the proportion of confirmed that end up dying ) is low. Around 1.9% of Covid-19 patients have scummed to the disease, while Globally, there are more than 21 million cases of the coronavirus disease and 773,152 deaths taking the global CFR to 3.5%.

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