Rishitha Jaladi(Intern Journalist): The WHO was trying to find out the transmission mechanism of COVID-19 since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Recently, 200 scientists appealed for action, warning people that they are not as protected as they think. The WHO’s view has thus far been that COVID-19 is spread predominantly through large respiratory droplets — those that come flying out of our mouths once we cough, sneeze and speak on the other hand quickly fall to the bottom.

COVID spreads via aerosol.

But now 239 scientists of 32 different countries (including virology, aerosol physics, and epidemiology) wrote a letter urging the WHO to vary their advice. If their plea is heard, the ways during which the planet attempts to regulate the virus could change dramatically.

The WHO says aerosol transmission may only occur during aerosol-generating procedures in healthcare settings, for instance, intubation (inserting a tube through an individual’s mouth and into their airway) or resuscitation. The WHO says more research is required to work out the danger of transmission mechanisms in other environments.

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