Lucknow: Around four weeks of lockdown is going to pass. During this time the business is completely closed. In such a situation, traders are angry with the online sale of e-commerce companies from May 20. He says that this will destroy the retail business. Whether it is the mobile sector or electronic items or any other trade item. While the e-commerce companies went missing during the lockdown, the businessman is still providing food, ration, medicine to the common man and the needy. The government withdraws permission for the sale of e-commerce companies. Organizations have expressed displeasure.

Letter sent to CM, online sale should be banned till May 15

Senior General Secretary of Lucknow Business Board Amarnath Mishra said that online sales should be banned by May 15. In the letter sent to CM, he has demanded the withdrawal of permission for online sale. It is reported that the business remained completely closed during the lockdown period. Due to this, small-medium businesses are going through a huge economic crisis. Expenses remain unchanged In such a situation if the routes for e-commerce companies are already opened for doing business in electronic, textile, mobile, grocery, etc., the businessman will be destroyed. Even during this crisis, the businessman has stood with the government on every occasion. Hence the permission given to e-commerce companies should be withdrawn.

President of All India Industry Board of Trade Sandeep Bansal said, “The retailer is closing its business during the lockdown period and providing essential services as well as medicines, puri, ration packets.” Online companies have disappeared at the time of the epidemic. If the central government allows online trading people to trade, then why shouldn’t retail traders get the benefit?

Appeal to Deputy CM

Sanjay Gupta, President, Adarsh ​​Business Board said, “The burden of fixing the charge of electricity has been imposed on the traders.” The income is closed. Instead of giving relief, the government is giving relief to e-commerce companies which is wrong. Businessmen belonging to the trade should be given exemption. On behalf of the organization, a letter has been written requesting the Deputy CM to cancel the immediate permission.

Jitendra Singh Chauhan, president of the Stationery Dealers and Manufacturers Association, said, “During the Corona epidemic, retail traders did their best to help in the midst of lockdown.” Local traders, organizations distributed free food, ration, and other essential items to the public and helped the government fund. Despite this, the government’s permission to trade only online companies from April 20 is unfortunate and biased.

Ashok Matiyani, president of the Board of Textiles said, “The retail trade of the country will be destroyed by giving discounts to some big companies for online trading. Therefore, this exemption should be closed and arrangements should be made to open the market gradually. Grocery, Galla, and medicine wholesale dealers should be given exemption in all districts to deliver goods to small traders on receipt of orders by phone.

UP Neeraj Johar, president of the Mobile Association, said that it is wrong to allow only online companies for delivery. Why not a retail operation? By the time the merchant who stands with the government will be open after the market lockdown, by then the e-commerce companies will have destroyed the mobile market. The government should withdraw this decision. Or include retail traders as well.

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