Rishitha Jaladi(Intern Journalist) Vijayawada: Since the lockdown announcement, drugs business has reached its zenith. Surprisingly most of those selling drugs were youth and well-educated professionals. Ganja is a form of sedative which is usually available in the form of leaves. But recently smugglers are also trading Ganja in liquid form. Hence surveillance has been ramped to check up Drug mafia.

Recently, Vijayawada police spotted a Ganja gang selling liquid Ganja filled in sanitizer bottles. Also, after checking their WhatsApp contacts and groups they found that more than 30 students were involved in it. The main accused is already arrested and put behind the bars, while the others will be arrested shortly.

The Vijayawada police in a press conference on Monday said: Students need to be cautious and avoid getting habituated to drugs. Also, DGP Damodar Goutam Sawang urged parents to pay attention to their children and keep them away from drug peddlers.

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