(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Circumference Commissioner Mushek Meshram has given the following instructions to District Manager, Main Animal Veterinary Officer, Deputy Director Agriculture, Land Conservation Officer, Municipalities, from E.O. to V.C. of City panchayat of all the 6 districts of the circumference that about in the construction of the site of Govansh Ashram, Better management of pre-established Govansh Ashrams, to develop sources of income for sustainable development, plantation, to double the income of farmers, and connecting farmers to natural farming.

  • The land report should be made available to establish Govansh Ashram in all Justice of panchayats of districts within 1 week.
  • Counting their capacity in the Govansh Ashram keep the destitute cows in relation to the capacity. Report on how many Govansh should be made available.
  • Drainage should be arranged to ensure that there is no water accumulation in the Govansh Ashram. A raw or fix drain should be constructed in each Govansh Ashram so that there is no mud in the ashram.
  • Vaccination of the dependent Govansh should be done in the Govansh Ashram.
  • The destitute Gowansh who are roaming on the road should be taken to the nearby Govansh Ashram place by the campaign.
  • In every Govansh Ashram place, as per the mandate by the government, cow servants should be appointed to look after the cows from the 14th finance commission and state finance commission.
  • In the Govansh Ashram with more area, after dug the 2000 meter square of the pond in it water chestnut farming, duck farming, farming to be done. Purchase dug stove machine to develop the source of income in Govansh Ashram. Using these dungs with sticks at the funeral , nature conservation can be done.
  • Every day visit two villages by the chief veterinary officer and district agriculture officer, to increase the income of the farmers and to connect them with natural farming by giving them fossil in place of chemical fertilizer and to add 100 farmers around the site of Govansh Ashram.
  • Need to do special work on breed improvement. Breeds of indigenous cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Hariyana should be developed and expanded. And by purchasing and selling them, resources should be developed in Govansh Ashram. The Deshi milk production chain should be formed.
  • After the plantation in the districts, release the release of the remaining plants in the nursery of the horticulture and Forest department and get the plants free of cost and provide cow dung manure for free.
  • In districts, SDMs provide the list of pasture, heads, and barren lands to the BDO.
  • By MGNREGA bugging on those lands, produce grass and hybrid grass in it so that there is the availability of green for the cattle throughout the year.

He said that good work should be done in the districts and documentation of the successful stories should be done. Such officers and employees should be conferred with the title of Gosevashree.

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