(Kajal Singh intern journalist): ‘The Great Hall of the People’ in China, where China’s annual parliamentary meeting – the National People’s Congress is held.
But this year we are watching it on the TV screen like the rest of the people and the reason is the coronavirus infection.
Barring a few hotspots, the Coronavirus pandemic is under control in most areas of China, but leaders from all areas of China are present in this meeting. All are big military officers and all are in a big hall, so there is an attempt to reduce the danger by not giving media persons limited access to the hall.
We hoped that this meeting would be dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and China’s deteriorating relationship with America would also be discussed because this pandemic has weakened all major economies and created a sort of economic emergency in the world.
But on the first day of the meeting, the Hong Kong controversy took more time than this big issue. China is trying to introduce new national security laws in Hong Kong, after which it will become easier for China to make sedition related cases of people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s locals are very angry with this effort from China and have been demonstrating it since the discussion started.
It is believed that after the latest attempt by China, there will be demonstrations in Hong Kong city, whereas last year, the fierce protests against China gradually calmed down due to this pandemic.
At China’s annual parliamentary meeting, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang praised China in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and described it as one of the country’s ‘major strategic achievements’.
However, he said that “the pandemic is not over yet and the work that we have to do to promote development is more than enough”.
In the annual parliamentary meeting of China, there has also been a discussion on how the second shock of the Coronavirus pandemic will be stopped in the country.
Li Keqiang said that due to the epidemic, the country is stuck in ‘great uncertainty’ and the country’s economy is facing a very bad phase. In such a situation, it is difficult to predict for the next few weeks.

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