(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): China’s official news agency Xinhua has launched a three-D news anchor equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is named Jin Xiaowi. It has been developed jointly by Xinhua and Chinese search engine Sogou.

AI 3D News Anchor
AI 3D News Anchor

This three-D anchor is actually the 3D protagonist of real-life reporter Zhao Wanwei. This three-D avatar is created after closely studying Zhao’s facial gestures, manner of speaking, and activities. The company claims that this anchor equipped AI makes sounds like humans and changes facial expressions.

His lips move only according to the pronunciation of the word. It has to be inserted as a news text. The anchor tells that news with a full gesture. Along with this, it can also change their hairstyle and clothes.

Xinhua also developed a digital anchor in 2018

Xinhua has also developed digital anchors in the past. In 2018 the agency created a machine, learning-based digital anchor. The following year, Xinhua teamed up with Russia’s news agency ITAR-TASS to form a Russian-language anchor.

It was launched on the completion of 70 years of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. Now Xinhua has made an AI-equipped anchor. Being equipped with AI means that it has the ability to think and understand and make decisions.

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