(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) America constantly aggressively attacking China. In the past, the US was openly standing with India in the dispute between India-China. The dispute between India-China is now nearing the end and softness and warmth are seen between two countries. Meanwhile, It has been said from the US that if the dispute between India and China increases, then the US army will stand with India in full force.

According to news agencies, a white house official said that it is clear from the US that China’s misconduct will not be endured any more. This is why America has deployed its navy in the South China sea. White House’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meedwo gave an interview in Fox News on the matter of India and China. He said that our army is stationed all the time and ready for combat. Mark said that the US administration is with his military at all times. We want to clearly tell that if anyone creates any problem then our army is fully ready. Earlier, Republican Senator Tom Cotton said China has tried to provoke India continuously, their soldiers have died. In such a condition, it is necessary that America have to present it there.

That is why we have a presence in the South China sea. Many countries are under pressure from China and all those countries are friends of America and want to further their friendship. Let us know that even before this, America has said openly on many matters of India that he is with India. In the past, Mark Polio said that America will send his military in Asia because China is troubling India. In the same Donald Trump is giving a continuous speech against China.

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