(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist); In Hong Kong, the ruckus is not being ended since the security law comes into force. While people in Hong Kong are doing a tremendous demonstration on the streets, on the other hand, many countries are criticizing China on the international stage. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to give UK citizenship to Hong Kong people, accusing China of violating the agreement. China retaliated, stating that the UK had no right to grant citizenship to Hong Kong people. China said that it would not allow Britain to give citizenship to the people of Hong Kong and would take tough steps for this.

Hong Kong people

The arrest of many Hong Kong people: On Wednesday, there was a massive protest in Hong Kong in the wake of the implementation of the National Security Act. During this time around 400 people were arrested.

Human rights violations a serious issue: UK Foreign Secretary Domenic Raab said that liberty and human rights violations are a serious issue in Hong Kong. Britain has given asylum to Simon Cheng, a former Hong Kong commercial embassy employee, who alleged that he was tortured in China.

The US Approves New Sanctions on China: The US Parliament on Wednesday approved a bill to allow China to respond to the enforcement of the law in Hong Kong. It will ban groups that are harming Hong Kong’s autonomy and snatching people’s freedom.

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