Aatmja Kumari(Intern Journalist): After getting the green signal from the Supreme Court in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, the CBI has started its investigation. On behalf of the CBI, a team of 5 people from Delhi reached Mumbai on Thursday. CBI’s investigation team will be in full action from Friday. The CBI will start investigating the case of 16 members from today. After the ED, the CBI can also tighten the screws on Rhea. He is the prime accused in this case. The CBI team can send a summons to Rhea anytime.

The CBI team will meet the top officers of Mumbai Police today who handled Sushant’s case. The agency will take handover of all the information done in the case so far, forensic evidence, post mortem report, recorded statements. According to the order of the Supreme Court, the CBI would like the Mumbai Police to help them in the investigation. The CBI investigating the case will meet DCP Abhishek Trimukhe of Bandra’s Superintendent rank officer. Under the protocol, there has to talk about the investigation. After this, the rest of the process will take place. CBI team will go to Sushant’s flat The team will also recreate the crime scene.

At the same time, Vikas Singh, an advocate of Sushant’s father has raised questions on the post mortem report. He said- In this case, there is a huge possibility of exposing the cover-up. Dr. Gupta will look at this case in a very professional manner. The Supreme Court has left no chance of any ambiguity in this case. The Mumbai Police cannot even think of obstructing the CBI investigation.

He said – there is no mention of all the things in the post mortem report. Before death, it was said that Sushant had to take the juice. The juice is not mentioned in the report. The time of death was not written in the post mortem. Forensics has a very important role in this case. This case needs to be investigated properly. Why the post mortem report was not given in detail, there is no mention of the mark on the face of Sushant. If investigated properly, many things can be revealed.

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