India showed a strong will to fight and avoid Corona. Initially, its results were also better. The decision of a three-week lockdown for the first time in March proved to be better, but the long lockdown gave patience to workers. The challenges of stopping the corona epidemic have increased with millions of laborers returning home.

The way cases are increasing day by day, they are underlining the challenges of the coming days. Workers who have returned from big cities and other states will have to provide better institutional quarantine and testing facilities.

This can still prevent infection from spreading in the villages. But it is so certain that matters will increase in the coming days.
Amidst the epidemic, such a large number of workers and laborers returned and not enough arrangements were made for it.

Because a large number of these people can become infected. So all of them have to quarantine for 14 days. There is a need to provide good places for them to live and to have food and drink facilities. Also, there will be a need to take better care of them all. All those who have symptoms like fever, cough, and trouble in breathing will have to be examined.

There should be a system of mobile vans to provide investigation facilities in the villages. But all this should have happened three months ago. It is a matter of concern that even if there is an investigation, where will all the positive people come there.

The condition of primary health centers (PHCs) and district hospitals are not very good. It would also not be appropriate to keep infected patients indoors under isolation as village houses have an average of two to three rooms. The population of villages and towns is much less than the cities.

But this only factor will not be sufficient to comply with effective physical distance. There are around 25 thousand 750 PHCs and more than 5600 Community Health Centers (CHCs) across the country. The government did not pay much attention to public health since its independence. Much attention was paid to build large hospitals.

Primary health facilities, which proved to be important in the prevention of diseases, were not given much attention. However, an initiative has been taken to create one and a half lakh wellness centers. There is no need to fear Corona more. Rather, one needs to be aware and alert. It is also true that more people die of corona than other deaths.

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