After all, what is this ‘Boys locker Room’?

Delhi women aayog wrote an advisory notice to Delhi police along with Instagram to answer about it within 8 May.

Various Repercussions are made across social media after trolling the dispute of Boys locker Room news. Most believe, strict action should be taken to ensure accountability. Let’s know what is this dispute which forced Delhi women aayog to issue advisory to Delhi police along with Instagram to be accountable till 8th May.

Let you know that the Instagram account boys locker room at which pornographic and offensive comments has been done at girl’s photos. Interestingly, many students chat in groups and exchangeably, replies have been done on those comments. The way offensive comments has been passed on girls photos is very blasphemous/condemnatory and comes under strict action. According to the way screenshots have been viral on twitter shows that a conspiracy of haughtiness is being made about girls in groups chatting.

According to the information received so far, there are dozens of students including group admin involved in this group and this account has been made a few months ago. Students involved in this group belong to different colleges from different cities and comes under teen-age.

You are told here that social media has many advantages to many of us but its misuse sometimes create a big problem. Something similar is being done by this group of teenage students.

Offensive comments and planning of misdeeds with those girls students has been done on this group of the Instagram account named Boys locker Room.

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