(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist):  Hyderabad: IANS A heartbreaking incident has surfaced in Warangal, Telangana wherein a total of 9 bodies have been recovered from a well near a factory. Four bodies were recovered from the well yesterday, today five more bodies have been recovered from the same well. The tremor of fear has spread in the area since this incident. This tragic incident is of Warangal Rural in Telangana. Police have removed all the bodies and sent them for postmortem. It is being sought that all the workers who died were from Bengal and Bihar. The bodies that have been exhumed include the bodies of children and women.

 Police said that the case is from the rural area of ​​Warangal. Here 9 bodies have been extracted from a well. Police said that they were reported to have found dead bodies of migrant workers inside a well in Gortekunta Industrial Area of ​​Gisugonda Mandal, after which they reached the spot and retrieved the bodies. According to the police, according to the information, all the laborers worked in cold storage there.

 Police said that among the nine dead bodies, the body of a child and a woman was also included. The investigation has revealed that seven people were from West Bengal and two laborers were from Bihar. He came to earn in Telangana. His income had stopped since the lockdown. Those people were upset. They were about to go to their respective villages but suddenly went missing.

 Police said that all the bodies have been sent to MGM Hospital for postmortem. A case has been registered and the case is being investigated. All people associated with migrant workers have been called for questioning. Local people are also being investigated. Police said that water was taken out of the well first through a pump to extract the body, after which the body could be taken out.

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