Lucknow: Producing gas for the kitchen by setting up a biogas plant is not a big deal. But by bringing the liquid manure from the plant to the fields with irrigation, he did such a new experiment, which is making the fields shiver with organic manure.

Officers are reaching from far and wide to see the model of Jeetendra Singh, a resident of Sarsanwa block of Balwantpur in Saharanpur. Not only this, but the farmers around are also being inspired by them.

Jitendra Singh, a farmer who has cultivated over fifty acres, had set up a biogas plant at his home with the technical support of the Uttar Pradesh Bio-Energy Development Board. In this plant, he uses organic waste from agriculture and home besides cow dung. Gas prepares food in the kitchen. The remaining residue is used as fertilizer in the fields.

Apart from this, liquid manure is also released from the garbage in the plant. Just Jeetendra engaged to use it as well. Actually, tube wells have been installed at his home for the irrigation of the field. About a kilometer from here, pipes have been laid to carry water to the fields. Jeetendra added a compost pipe to this water pipe. The liquid fertilizer produced in the biogas plant started reaching the fields without any extra effort.

Seeing, the soil of the field became gold. Today the situation is that Jeetendra does not use any chemical fertilizer nor pesticides in the field. While saving is due to this, the product is also completely organic. This model of his has been appreciated by NABARD as well as other departments.

Santosh Saini, who has taken the projects of UP Jeevan Urja Vikas Board to the farmers, says that seeing Jitendra’s model, other farmers have expressed their desire to set up biogas plants. In fact, farmers are seeing double benefits of mango and kernels as well. At the same time, the way of environmental protection is also seen by avoiding chemical fertilizer.

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